Photography by Judy Gu.

I tend to challenge the traditional norms of design by pushing the limits of form, meaning + beauty, often creating unconventional pieces as a result.

I'm a typography nerd1. You can find me in my natural habitat at your local coffee shop2. If you see me zoning out3, I'm most likely in a daydream4. Currently religiously following Marie Kondo5.

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    Current favourites include: Akkurat, Beatrice Display, Canela, Chap, Freight, Graebenbach, Silk Serif.

  • 2

    Currently inhabiting: Rustle & Still, PLENTEA, Charidise, Field Trip Café, Forget-Me-Not Café.

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    I zone out on public transit and on long walks. Sometimes if you wave to me on the streets, I might ignore you not because I don't want to talk to you, but probably because I’m lost in thought.

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    Latest thoughts include: negative-positive words, the intersection between the digital-physical (identities, spaces, relationships), monotony, assumptions, growing together.

  • 5

    Currently sparking joy: literature by Murakami, songs by HONNE and FKJ, No.46/No Sweat — Harvard Design Magazine, Tadao Ando, black shiba inus (aka burnt marshmallows), sexy serifs, night walks.