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Hard Candy Magazine —
Psychology & Art

An Overview

A magazine that explores the mature and the immature. Hard Candy takes content normally found in children’s media and “adultifies” them with imagery mixed with sexual connotations.


Art Direction & Editorial


Research, Photography, Illustration, & Visual Design


InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom, & Canon 6D


September - December 2016 (3 months)

In intense emotional states, we resemble children insofar that we have trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality. Imagination, and hence illusions, play a greater role in emotions than in actual intellectual deliberations.

Aaron Ben-Zeév, Psychology Today
The Concept

The Mature & The Immature

The editorial was conceptualized to explore the juxtaposition and boundaries between the mature and the immature. “Immature” is defined as a term to describe the mentality or development of a child; however, ironically, if one were to make an “adult” joke that is either sexual or explicit, he or she is coined with the same term. The magazine explores both the innocence of a child and inappropriate adult content, meshing the two clashing ideas together.

Target Audience

For the Immature Adult

The magazine targets the immature adult: an adult with an “adult” and inappropriate sense of humour. Ironically, the magazine does not explicitly contain any inappropriate content, but rather suggests and toys with the human mind with subliminal messages and connotations to make it think so. Although this magazine targets the immature adult, the content is actually kid-appropriate enough that a child could view it and almost see nothing wrong.


Dividing & Organizing the Content

Before planning photoshoots, gathering articles, and planning layouts, I started organizing the content and pages of the magazine. I broke it up into three main sections that explore different concepts of the mature and immature. Each section contains photography and art related to each main topic.

1. Introduction: Contains an intro to the magazine's manifesto and about this issue in particular.

2. The Immature Adult: Explores the juxtaposition between the "immature" and the "mature" and how the two terms coincide.

3. Censorship: Explores the idea of censorship and how the “adult” mind tends to fill in the blanks and assumes.

4. Sexual Illusions: Explores the idea of sexual fantasies and illusions that derive from human desire.


Sketches — Layouts & Concepts

Through my sketches, I explored different types of layouts and ways I can create illusions through print using type and images. This stage helped me gather an idea of the type of quirky aesthetic I wanted to achieve with the magazine and helped me plan the content I needed to take photos of, illustrate, and what related articles to search for and find.

The Magazine


8 x 20 inches (spread)

Section: The Immature Adult

Sexual Appetites

This section of the magazine explores food and the sexual connotations that come associated to it. With photography, I explored the idea of cropping content to suggest and imply sexual meanings.

Section: Censorship


This section of the magazine deals with articles and photography related to censorship. I created typography with children's toys that suggest, but do not actually form swear words. A layer of clear acetate with coloured blocks is used to censor the words on the right page, causing the viewer to think that the phrase is composed of swear words, even though it is not.

Section: Sexual Illusions

Sexual Illusions

This section of the magazine deals with articles and photography related to sexual illusions. By taking away parts of the imagery through coloured cutouts over the photography of the model, I suggest that the model is nude, causing viewers to fill in the censored areas and imagine what they wish to see.

Other Work


Mobile App, UI/UX

Humanizing Prison
Architecture in America

Information Design, Print, & Interactive