To: The you I remember

  • Type

    Branding, Information, Installation, Motion, Print

  • Tools

    Illustrator, InDesign, AfterEffects, Sketch, Principle

  • Materials

    Opalux, Cougar, Risograph [Books], Polyester, PVC Piping [Installation]

  • Duration

    Sep 2017 — Apr 2018

A series of design artifacts that deconstruct the fleeting nature of human relationships by using shared memories from the past as a way to reconnect individuals in the present.

The Grey Area Between Stranger & Friend

To: The you I remember began as a fascination with the longevity and dissipation of human relationships — how we move from strangers, to friends or lovers, and then into the grey area of almost strangers again.

Despite technology allowing us to connect and reconnect over boundaries that were much more prevalent in the past such as time and distance, the convenience of the medium often causes us to take these relationships for granted — with many almost finding comfort in knowing that these relationships will continue to exist within this digital space.

To investigate and further understand this phenomenon, 150 of my personal relationships were deconstructed through a printed data visualization piece, an interactive data piece, and a staggered concertina book — leading up to the final installation.

01 — Patterns of Relationships in a Physical Sphere

Are there patterns in relationships (A formula or an expiry date)? Is the longevity of a relationship dependent on the amount of physical interaction?

The first artifact deconstructs intimacy at a surface level by documenting the number of physical interactions I had with 150 of these individuals and analyzing them through a monthly basis within my 21 years. Each line represents an individual and is marked depending on whether there were one or more physical meetings within the month. The data was printed on opalux in a continuous accordion scroll format.

02 — Expanding on Unique Relationships in a Physical-Digital Sphere

What is each unique relationship built on and how do these "connectors" affect the strength of these relationships?

The second artifact deconstructs intimacy on a deeper level by analyzing “connectors” which include mutual relationships, similarities in ethnic backgrounds, gender, age, geographic location, and interests. Through an interactive data visualization piece, users can form and discover patterns in “connectors” that were prominent in these relationships.

03 — The Significance of Memory & Emotion

Can nostalgia and memory act as a device to develop and progress dissipated relationships?

The third artifact deconstructs intimacy by understanding the significance of memory and emotion when shaping connection and a desire for reconnection. On Thursday, November 10th, 2017 at 7:15am, 20 of my most significant relationships were documented in a staggered concertina book with written recollections of the most recent and prominent memory of each individual and an accompanying blind connecting contour in risograph.

Concept — Event & Branding

The creation of the three artifacts led to the design of an event with an installation that followed a temporal formula:

1. Relive the past.
2. Experience the present.
3. Leave a memory for the future.

Rather than creating a generalized experience, the event is completely personalized to each unique relationship to shape a more meaningful and impactful experience. With the concept of “change” via the progression of time and a personalized design, the installation and branding that accompanied it had to follow a modular formula.

The brand evokes nostalgia and time, reveals emotion and data, and visually projects the fragility and fraying of memories and bonds over a progression of time.

The Installation & Event

The installation is composed of a reconstructible PVC frame and customizable layers of semi-translucent fabric — each layer representing a year shared within the relationship.

The installation follows a modular format in which the projections transition and change depending on the interacting individual. Image, video, and audio were used as triggers to simulate past events that occurred during the relationship.

During the experience, the individual walks through the layers of fabric towards me. As the light from the projection passes through each layer, the memories projected fade and become blurry, representing the farthest memory which also tends to be the least detailed. The viewer progresses through each layer when a year of memory is finished with the memories projected start to become clearer as they move closer.

The individual can choose to stop progressing at any moment. It is up to them to decide whether they wish to establish a reconnection or not.

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